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JINN is a group of forward-thinking designers, developers and business thinkers from places like Boston, Berlin, Buenos Aires, Barcelona and cities that start with other letters too.

It is our mission

To break down every single barrier to disruption so we can build a more sustainable, connected, innovative and empathetic world.

Great products are built by great teams. We build great products… so you know what that means.

We realize that no single person has the solution to any problem. Amazing solutions come from diverse opinions. Thats why our network is made up of the top product minds from every corner of the globe and every industry imaginable.

We’re unique

Every single person in this organization, our process, and form of engagement is unlike anything that you’ve engaged with before.

We’re insanely talented

When you love your work there is no excuse for not being the best. We love our work, so we would be lying if we said we weren't the best.

You will be happy

This might sound a bit cliche, but we're serious. We go to crazy distances to make the people we work with very happy.

Founded from Humble Beginnings

A couple years ago 4 best friends and fellow freelancers set off to build a business together. Born in a dorm room, matured in a mansion and now thriving on Boylston Street near the Commons, our Bootstrap story is one of a kind.

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Our Boston Team

It’s pretty hard to reduce our personalities down to just this web page but this is our attempt to show you the awesome humans behind the incredible products.

Arjun Bhatnagar

Chief Executive Officer

Gabe Ficht

Chief Operating Officer

Arpit Bansal

Chief Information Officer

Waseem Shabout

Creative Director

Ibby Syed

Chief Strategy Officer

Nacera Belal

Project Manager

Nikhil Anand

Talent Acquisition Lead

Maya Gupta


Kyle Savage

Product Expert

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