The greatest human achievements have been the result of incredible teamwork.

Join our world class team and build things you believe in.

People Producing Purposeful Products Proudly.

Now say that 5 times quickly!


Rome wasn’t built in a day, or by one person. Neither are our products.


Our team spans 23+ technologies, 18+ industries and every single timezone - there’s always a project or person to learn from.

Make a difference.

We strive to power the world’s most innovative companies with technology to save the world. Will you use that power wisely?

Anywhere in the world.

Work from wherever you call home… or wherever you’re traveling or wherever you want! Where someone is from, their race, orientation, religion, or background, should never preclude them from building awesome stuff.

Join communities of likeminded people.

Our greatest asset is being able to learn, and all of our employees and partners get to enjoy this benefit. Whether you're a PM, Data Scientist, Developer, or Designer, you're able to join or create teams of likeminded people to either sharpen your existing tools, or to learn something completely new.

Open Positions

Boston Team.

Product Manager

We're looking for a strong, talented Product Manager that has a keen eye for delightful user experiences. Able to manage large teams in different timezones, you should be able to take a large, complicated project and use management tools to break it down into easily explainable sprints.

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Product Designer

We're looking for a passionate, driven individual for our in-house product designer. We want a clear communicator with strong interpersonal skills, who's very comfortable juggling the multitude of tasks prevalent at a small company. We're a large team, so working closely in a group setting is also something you should be familiar with.

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System Architect

We're seeking a strong communicator that can think critically and design systems for (1) ease of use and (2) scalability. Being able to abstract away technology requirements to come up with a clear, concise plan to delegate to PMs and engineers is also a must-have.

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Sales Executive

We’re looking for an enthusiastic, ambitious sales executive with the ability to develop and maintain excellent customer relationships. Some of the Sales Executive’s tasks will include organizing, planning, directing and coordinating all sales activities with prospective and existing customer accounts. JINN is entering a period of rapid growth, and we are looking for a strong team member to facilitate our expansion while working within a cross-functional team.

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Brand Strategy Manager

We’re looking for a tech savvy Brand Strategy Manager to join our team! This role will lead JINN’s marketing efforts by developing strategic media approaches, act as brand champion, and leading branding and marketing strategy development. This position would require the ability to effectively operate in a fast-paced environment and to work on multiple projects simultaneously in a dynamic and constantly evolving context.

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Global Team.

Agency Partner

Are you an Agency? Join us! We have really lucrative partnership deals for lead sharing, talent, and more.

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Software Developer

Computer Science runs on the principle that nothing should ever be coded twice - we're looking for someone that's very familiar with that. Taking software packages and re-using them, being a strong communicator, and able to run on a flexible schedule are all qualities of our ideal candidate.

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UI Designer

A passionate individual fluent in multiple design languages, you should have a strong desire to learn, to share, and to contribute to the most beautiful software in the world.

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