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We build next generation products for next generation startups

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Embrace the opportunity to meet and learn with people from all around the world.


Take on engaging projects and build with talented teams.

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Feel the thrill of launching new and innovative products into the market.

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We encourage an open work environment

Whether it's late night work, hacking together a pointless iPhone game, or debating the future of technology, we hope that your work and play are equally as engaging.

Ambitious Co-Workers

Enjoy working with some of the most talented people from around the globe while tackling key technological challenges for clients of all backgrounds.

Incredible Learning

Building a great product or service is never an easy endeavour. At Jinn, we understand that and we value the learning process as much as we do the end product. We enable you to be a part of something bigger and give you the freedom to chose what you want to work on and learn about.

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We love working with talented people from around the world

In the past decade alone the world has witnessed an incredible growth in the gig economy. A staggering 34% of the national workforce is comprised of work for hire.

Here at Jinn, we see the potential in this revolution and welcome people from all parts of the world to help us build next generation products.


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