Design Phase

JINN believes in the power of the Systems Experience™ (SX) Design Process to turn ideas into actionable product plans. In essence SX™ begins by understanding the experience you want to create for your consumers and finishes by designing systems to enable that experience.

All product decisions will be made with your users, experience, and business in mind to ensure we examine your product from all relevant angles. A JINN Design Phase Leader will be with you the whole way to help you guide your team through the process.

What to Expect

Design User Centric Experiences

The Design Phase does much more for your business than build a product plan. At the end of a Design Phase you will have the following:

  • A full business roadmap that will detail every aspect of your product and a clear answer to almost any question a stakeholder will ask you
  • An exact price and timeline to get your product to market
  • Technical, business, and product insights that will propel your company forward
  • A trove of content designed for you to sell to early customers and investors

We have two Design Phase Packages, Design for Entry and Design for Scale. Download our Design Phase Handbook to learn more!

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