Growth Phase

The Growth Phase is the foundation of a long term relationship between any client and JINN. We optimize our relationship to provide rapid on-demand support any day of the week including maintenance and product enhancements.

The Growth Phase is all about speed so your product will move as fast as your business does. During the Growth Phase any client is welcome to also cycle back through the Design or Launch Phase at any time.

What to Expect
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Stay ahead of the curve

During the Growth Phase we create a custom plan to suit your unique business needs in the long run. A typical Growth Phase plan includes a small monthly support fee and an account that you have with us which can be drawn from whenever development work is necessary.

Growth Phase work is billed hourly and we will always provide you with context before work is done so you never receive any surprises. At JINN we believe in long term relationships and transparency, we will always do our best to give you all relevant information and keep you updated at all times.

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