Launch Phase

During the Launch Phase we will execute a rapid milestone based plan to get your product to market. A full Launch Phase Team will be assembled specifically for your product which includes a Project Manager, Technical Manager, a full Development Team, and of course you!

Throughout the Launch Phase you will play an integral role by examining deliverables, prioritizing features, and providing feedback. As the process progresses you will see your product come to life in real time!

What to Expect

Build Next Generation Products

At JINN we have a distinct process which ensures that we deliver quality work on time and on budget. We have four key pillars that act as the cornerstones of this process:

  • Planning - All projects are carefully planned with every feature and aspect thought out ahead of time in order to eliminate assumptions that cause delays later on.
  • People - The people on your project team are true industry veterans who have gone through a thorough vetting process. At JINN we only work with the best.
  • Communication - All team members have a 24/7 open channel of communication and are trained to bring up roadblocks and suggestions ahead of time so they can be addressed, preventing delays.
  • Review - All code written goes through a thorough QA review and receives client feedback before we let it out the door.

Ready To Get Started?

Get in touch, talk to a human, we are looking forward to working together!