Ambi is the world's premier learning social network - designed for students, by students. Classmates can collaborate with each other on assignments, view their grades, and group-call. Ambi came to JINN to design and develop their mobile (iOS and Android) apps and web platform.


Dignity of Children came to Jinn to create an easier user experience to facilitate training at the world's top NGO's. We designed and developed two-sides systems on mobile and web to give a way for workers and producers to collaborate and share valuable learnings and experiences at the same time.


HBSS came to Jinn to design, develop and launch a multitude of tools to track public transportations around the world. From Massachusetts to Georgia to Hawaii, Jinn designed dashboards provide public transportation platforms valuable information about the status of their riders, average wait times, heavy traffic areas, and much, much more. The platform runs on Apache Hadoop, the world's most advanced big data management infrastructure.


CountN is the best way for musicians to connect to the venues that they love the most, and find an easy way to play music to their audiences. They came to JINN to design and develop their mobile suite of applications, ranging from a sign-in portal to a complete billing integration system.


At Jinn, we love helping the world. CropLocal came to us to design a web platform that helped local farmers sell and ship their product to the doorstep of people that live close by, and for residents of an area to buy local produce. That way, you're supporting the local economy and saving at the environment at the same time - pretty amazing.


At Jinn, we love beautiful technology, but we also love really tasty food. Neesh came to us to design a mobile and web experience that makes it easy for people to easily find the best food for their palette, taking into account the various different dietary restrictions that users face every day.


Ever thought what would happen if you meshed the stock market and pro sports? Sport Stock is the answer. This mobile platform gives sports fans an easy way to buy and sell shares in the success of their favorite teams, players, and leagues. The platform utilizes blockchain technology to tie token values to the shares, making it the world's first.